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Love of the View
About Glen Rose Texas
A well known magazine (Travel & Leisure Magazine) states that Glen Rose, Texas is one of the "Top-ten great weekend getaways in America." In fact, who'd have thought such safe, family-oriented adventure could be just a very short drive from the hectic and frenzied pace of the hustle and bustle of Fort Worth & Dallas?

The atmosphere may be laid-back, but the activities are anything but: weekenders can kayak, go on a safari, hunt for dinosaur fossils, mountain-bike (named one of the top-10 best biking areas in Texas), hike challenging slopes, swim, see endangered black rhinos and Arabian onyx, ride horses, golf, camp, go antique shopping, attend blue-grass festivals, hunt, see a major outdoor dramatic production of the life of Jesus, enjoy world-class entertainment and food, or see a rodeo all without the concerns and problems of big-city life.

Vistas of cedar-crested limestone slopes and rocky ranch-land valleys embrace the panoramic hills surrounding Glen Rose. Texas' famously rugged "hill country" is in full dramatic character along its borders. 

The county is home to the last "wild" river of Texas, the Paluxy, and the mighty Brazos. These crystal clear rivers offer beauty and recreational enjoyment - a treat that is enjoyed by more than 1,000,000 visitors each year. The area has one of the most pronounced changes of seasons in the state (some even say this is the closest thing to the New England area you'll find in Texas). Spring brings colorful wildflowers and fast-running streams. Summer is enjoyed under the shade of a vast array of trees and wooded areas. Fall color is among the states finest. Winter's dusting of light snow from time-to-time highlights the season. In fact, dozens of well-recognized artisans call Somervell County home. Tromping up and down the city's neighboring hills should leave you in good shape for tackling the hiking trails that lace the region. The rivers can't be beat for kayaking. And there's still plenty of fish. If the area excels in one particular sport, it's biking.

Glen Rose encourages people to embrace the quiet, the lovely, the natural. This goes for 
outdoor recreation as much as for the cedar-cutters and down-home folks who fill the city's 
downtown square. If there's anywhere to try something you've been dreaming about, it's
 here in the City in the Country and her neighboring sister cities. 

Historic Glen Rose Court House
Come play in the Paluxy and Brazos River
Take a ride and visit Fossil Rim Wildlife
Major cities nearby:

55 miles - Fort worth
75 miles - Dallas
‚Äč160 miles - Austin